Graduation in Pedagogy and post graduated in Methodology Teaching of the Arts. Pottery wheel, handmade pottery, ceramic serigraphy and glazes formulation teacher. Founding Member of CCBRas Cerâmica Contemporânea Brasileira. Member of International Ceramic Artists Association- ICAA.

“Self-taught as I am, I never dreamt that my passion and admiration for Ceramics would turn into my way of life, would give meaning to my life. It may well be that my inborn attraction to Nature pushed me down to the ground so as to be fused with earth, our true essence. Through “natuRareza” I submerge myself into the vegetal Psyche in order to find out those tortured feelings, product of the deterioration of the environment that we humans habitually cause. My only wish is that my modelling goes in deeply into human sensitivity to revert the harm we are inflicting on ourselves”

He attended the Istituto d’Arte De Fabris in Nove where he obtained the diploma of Maestro d’Arte Ceramica in 1984. He then dedicated himself to the study of the potter’s wheel and opened his own studio in 1986 in Bassano del Grappa, where he still makes his ceramic works. Obsession for matter and its limits, surfaces, textures. Conscious avoiding to view shapes as starting points for decoration, but rather considering clay for its own surface, colour, shaping and firing marks. High temperature wood firing relieves the ceramic artist of any responsibility for decoration that may ruin a shape which, in and of itself, is just right. The logical consequence of this attitude of choice is to create vases with eyes shut, literally without looking, so that the potter’s hands and their sensitivity alone are left in charge of any esthetic judgement that is then completed by the firing process.

She graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Ceramics in 1999. She opened her first solo exhibition “Body within ‘which,’” comprising sculpture, video and performance, in 2002. She completed her Master’s thesis “The Formation of Alevi Syncretism” in Bilkent University, Communication and Design Program in 2006, which originated her “Imaging Fire” exhibition in 2008. She completed her Ph.D. dissertation “Agent Art: Freedom of Nothingness” in Hacettepe University, Institute of Fine Arts in 2013, which has been published as a book by Ayrıntı Publishing in 2014. In this context, her exhibition, “Freedom of Nothingness”, which was opened in the same year, included sculpture, photography, video, installation and performance. She opened her seventh solo exhibition “Wizards of Shit” in Cyprus in 2018. In addition to various national and international group exhibitions, she participated in artist in residency program and exhibitions in Clayarch Gimhae Museum (South Korea) in 2010 and Art Stays 10th Festival of Contemporary Art (Slovenia) in 2012. She presented papers in international symposiums and her articles were published. In 2016, UNESCO International Plastic Artists Association gave her the Young Artist of the Year Award. She became Associate Professor in 2017.

She graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts, Ceramic Department in 1994. She started to work as a lecturer at Anadolu University School for the Handicapped in 1995. She completed her M.A. degree at Ceramics department in Anadolu University, Gratduate School of Social Sciences in 1998. She completed PHD of ceramic art. She participated in several international competitions, symposiums and group exhibitions. She received two awards in the field of ceramics.

He graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Ceramics in 1999. He has received his master degree with thesis on “Sagar Firing Technique” in 2002 from Anadolu University Institute of Social Sciences Department of Ceramics and received his proficiency in art degree in 2010 from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Social Science Institute Department of Ceramic and Glass Design with thesis on “Smoke Firing Techniques”. He has been working as an Associate Professor at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Ceramic and Glass Design since 2014. He awarded the “Youth Award” at 7 th Gold Pot Ceramic Competition of Izmir Rotary Club in 2002; at the same year has awarded “Biennial Youth Award” at the 6 th Cairo International Ceramics Biennale, Ceramic Competition; “Art Encouragement Award” of Anadolu University in 2006 and 70 th Ministry of Culture Ceramics Competition, “Grand Prize” in 2010. He had a solo exhibition and has participated in more than 40 national group exhibitions. Also attended international group exhibitions in China, Egypt, Germany, Japan, England, Italy, Kirghizistan and USA.

He gratueted from Department of Painting of Gazi University in 1982. Hecompleted M.A program in 1989 and PhD program in 1994 at Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty. He studied lithography at the studio of Prof. Eva Möseneder, Slazburg, Austria in 1992. He became an Associate Professor at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Arts in 1997 and participated at the 4th Biennial of European Schools of Art, and the seminars of painting of Prof. Fons Haagmans in Maastricht/ Holland in 1993. He participated in The International Theory of Art Conference and group exhibition, which was organised collectively by Australia İnternational Artist Association and Chinese Art Magazine. Quingdao/ China in 2001. He became a full professor at the Faculty of Arts, Hacettepe University in 2003. He studied as a Visitor Scholar at North Carolina State University, Raleigh / USA in 2011. He held 20 solo exhibitions andparticipated in many international art events.

From 1999 to 2002 he studied at the higher art school №20 in the faculty of art ceramics. In 2002 he entered the Lviv National Academy of Arts, department of decorative arts, the department of art pottery. In 2008 he graduated from the National Academy of Arts, and received Master’s Degree in art ceramics. After graduation in 2008, he was a member of the scholarship program of the Minister of Culture and Heritage of Poland Gaude Polonia. From 2008 to 2010 he worked as a teacher of fine and decorative art in Bogdan Khmelnitsky National University at Cherkasy. Fizer Ivan has been a participant of exhibitions and symposiums of art ceramics in Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Belarus. In 2014 he received a Grand Prix at the international ceramics symposium in Opishne «INTERSYMPOSIUM« 2014 : 14x14 in Ukraine. In 2016 he held a personal exhibition “Mystical fantasies of Ivan Fizer” at National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art, Kyiv, Ukraine.

He received his B.F.A. at Seoul National University of Science and Technology and M.F.A at Department of Ceramic Arts at Dankook University. He held solo exhibititions and three booth solo exhibitions. He won the silver prize award in“The 1st WORLD CERAMIC BIENNAIE 2001”, international competition. The Republic of Korea ceramic competition. * beautiful our ceramic competition being selected for a competition. (1 time,4 time) The Russia-Korea contemporary ceramics preview. 280 times all exhibition including the guitar the rest overseas ago, competition, preview, special exhibition, workshop, and etc. Now ; Ichun Tungjuk-Gol Ceramic Studio Representative, Korea Fine Artists Association. Korea Catholic art Association,AssociatiKorea

He graduated from Hong ik University in 1982; received master degree of fine arts in 1985 at the same uiversity; major in ceramics. He is creator of macsabal symposiums. Between 1998 and 2015 organized International Macsabal Wood Firing Symposiums 37 times in Korea, China and Turkey. From 1982-2015 he had 40 solo exhibitions and constructed 10 wood Kilns in Korea, China and Turkey. In 2009, he was jury member of 4th BIMC Tile Biennale, Argentina. Currently he is working at Hacettepe University as a guest professor.

She graduated from Dan Kook University, Collage of Arts, Department of Ceramic Art. Sul-Hee has had 4 solo and 110 group exhibitions and received 20 awards. In 2015, she was a committee member of Korean Fine Arts Association Department of Ceramics. Also she is member of Korean Ceramic Jewelry Association, Korean Fine Arts Association. And she is director of Craft Experience & Education Center in Bucheon City.

Graduated I-cheon je-il high school ceramics Department, Graduated won-kwang university ceramics Department. He has been working for 20year to study ceramics. He loves to make something out of nothing. Studying ceramics is the best way to express his world. He is inspired from everything especially from the mother nature. He tries to express whispers of the wind, loneliness of the stone, human nature-love and desire. These days he runs a pottery factory. His art is simple but complicated like our life. “It is my life, life and art as two sides of the same coin.”

Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 1991-1995, she studied Art Pottery at the Uzhhorod Crafts College. In 1996-2002, Olesia studied Art Pottery at the Lviv Arts Academy. In 2013, Olesia became a member of the National Union of the Ukrainian Artists. Since 1996 Olesia participates in the group exhibitions in Ukraine and other European countries, including the following: The first personal art exhibition was held by Olesia in the Modern Art Museum in Kyiv in 2012. The art works of Olesia were acquired to the private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and the USA, as well as form part of the collections in the Sevastopol Art Museum named after M. Kroshytskyi , the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne , Ukraine , National Botanical Garden named after M. M. Grishko, Kyiv, Ukraine, Museum “Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine”, Kyiv,Ukraine.

She was graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramic in 1994. She completed her master of art thesis on the subject of “The Application of Ceramic Masks in Interior Spaces with Supplementary Materials Related to the Space”. She has been giving basic design lectures in many departments and working on her profession as a ceramic artist at the same university. She was participated many group and 5 solo exhibitions and also she is a member of Society of Turkish Ceramic-İstanbul and AIAP-Association Internationale Des Arts Plastiques.

“Working with clay and fire is a pleasant addiction. The repetition of physical and mental labor demands a period of patience. But as I pass through this time with confidence and the joy of discovery, the labor becomes an energy that enables me to continue to enjoy the work. Thus, I am ready to be exhausted in the studio full of dirt again today. I want to express the smallness of my everyday life and my simple philosophy in various ways, demonstrating this through work that is interesting and free.”

Although she was discouraged from being an artist at an early age, she persisted and kept traveling on her journey through the looking glass. Like Alice, she found many unusual and exciting things which gave her the courage and impetus to make life altering decisions. These choices have taken her around the world, given her strength and enlightened her mind and she choose to convey the experiences through Masks. Discovering clay (30 years ago) and what she can do with it plays a large part in the continuing saga...

She graduated from the Department of Ceramics at Faculty of Fine Arts, Hacettepe University in 2000. In the same department, she did her master degree with her report called “Attempts at Individual Forms in the Period of Natural Creation” in 2004 and got her PhD Degree in Art with her report called “Object and Individual Practices in Contemporary Art” in 2010. The artist, who has opened five personal exhibitions, who has been awarded three times, has attended many national and international exhibitions. She has also attended many symposiums and workshops both as a participant and trainer. She is a member of the Association of Turkish Ceramics (TSD), the Association of Art Educators (SEDER) and Education of Ceramics Art and Exchange Association (SSEDD). She pursues her artistic and academic studies in the Department of Ceramics at Faculty of Fine Arts Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal Unıversity as an Assistant Professor.

He received his Master of Fine Arts in 1997 from The School for American Crafts, majoring in Ceramics and Ceramics Sculpture at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY and BFA, Ceramics, from Ohio University, Athens, OH. His education background includes both ceramics sculpture and music. He also graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in voice, and minor in piano in Taiwan National Educational University, Taipei, Taiwan. Ray has been an Associate Artist at Baltimore Clayworks in MD. Ray was an Associate Professor, the head of the Ceramics Department, at the University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME, (2001-2007), as well as the head of the Ceramics Department at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN, (2007-2012). He has juried numerous local, national and international ceramics and art competitions. He was the Executive Director at the Chian Zhan Ceramic Arts Center in Taipei, Taiwan (1985-1990) and came to the United States in 1991 to pursue more contemporary issues in his ceramic work. Ray served as the Executive Director at the Halcyon Art Gallery - Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute, IN (2012-1016), and Director and Professor, the Fine Art Department, at the New England Institute of Education in Falmouth, ME. Currently, he is a visiting professor at Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN. His ceramic works have been exhibiting both nationally and internationally with numerous reviews and publications. He has been invited to participate in many exhibitions, as well as traveling and lecturing in Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Guam, Hawaii, Netherlands/ Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, North America.

She graduated from Seoul National University Tecnology in 2006. She had 3 solo exhibitions and She member of Korea Fine Arts Association, Macsabal Symposium. Her works are basically Buncheon ware. She has worked the woodfiring of Ceramic Works. She loves to work with happiness.